Bling-A-GoGo is a unique and trendy wholesaler that offers in house, one of a kind artwork, created by our talented graphic artists. We pride ourselves in offering our customers products that are inspired by our boho-gypsy lifestyle and our deep Texas roots. Bling-a- gogo products are designed, printed and hand embellished with Swarovski® crystals all in our Bling Shop located in Fayetteville, Texas. We are a certified GO TEXAN company and a proud member of The Boutique Hub.

Our client satisfaction is our number one priority. We strive to make each client feel as though they are our only client. Our client care is top notch, personal, and our fabulous BLING team goes above and beyond to make that happen.

The first-class care of our clients starts at the top. Our owner, Kim Naumann, is the pioneer of Bling-A-GoGo and takes great pride in our client’s complete satisfaction.

Bling-A-GoGo started on the dining room table of Kim’s home. As a single mom of three young children, she started Bling-A-GoGo as a small side business and creative outlet. Slowly, the business became a full-time job with wholesale accounts and retail shows across the country. Kim gives all her credit to her family and close friends for encouraging her to take her business to the next level. Fifteen years later, she now owns her very own BLING shop and has brought her family along.   B&S Clothing Co. is the brand owned by two of Kim’s youngest children and Fayco Printinging is owned by Kim’s oldest daughter.  We know as a family we can bring you a first class product!

Now, let us introduce you to our wonderful team called “The Bling Team”. These are our dedicated, fantastic, and loyal employees. They are the HOW in our process.

Kim Naumann

Bling Team Boss Lady

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Kelsey Parchman

Co-Owner B&S Clothing Co.

Kole Parchman

Co-Owner B&S Clothing Co.

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Kortney and Sadie Schielack

Owner of Fayco Printing


Production Manager


Shipping Manager

Bling Team Lead

Wholesale Account Manager


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Production Manager

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